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As a physician, you’ve invested years in medical school, learning to become an excellent doctor, not a business manager. But, owning a medical practice is the same as owning any other business, and needs someone watching the bottom line. Today, “Practice Management” is more than just tracking charges and payments.

Trying to balance the increased cost of patient care and reduced insurance payments means physicians are working harder just to maintain the same cash flow. Add in constantly changing government regulations and carrier guidelines, and smart providers quickly learn they need skills they never taught in med school.

At PBMI, we start with making sure that our physicians receive fair, timely payments for the care and services they provide. By consistently submitting accurately prepared claims and staying focused on the details, PBMI has maximized the revenues for hundreds of physicians. Our follow-up methods on outstanding insurance claims and patient balances means our physicians are paid promptly and correctly for their services.

Of course, PBMI recognizes that not every physician practices medicine the same way and every medical office runs differently and has specific requirements. At PBMI, we understand your differences, and we customize our services to meet your practice’s needs.

At PBMI, we start with the basics - 

  • Deliver comprehensive revenue cycle management.
  • Most claims are submitted to the insurance within 48 hours of receipt.
  • PBMI utilizes current technologies and the most effective tools to correspond with insurers regarding your unpaid reimbursements.
  • We treat your patients as our valued customers and assist them in understanding their “out of pocket” balances.
  • Implement a unique Patient Pre-Collection format with proven results.
  • Assist with your patient balances and manage payment plans for your office.
  • Coordinate full collection activity with outside agencies. Provide standard and ad-hoc financial reporting.
  • PBMI can generate standardized reports on a regular basis or specialized reporting as needed by your practice. We create statements, customized encounter forms and patient correspondence specifically designed to meet the unique needs of your practice.
Then we build on the basics – 
  • Provide credentialing services for all insurance plans.
  • Develop policies and procedures to streamline your office work flow.
  • Have AAPC Certified Coders on staff to assist with CPT and Diagnosis Coding.
  • Perform biannual chart auditing for accuracy and compliance.
  • Assist in researching possible new office equipment or in-office testing and procedures to ensure reimbursement. Give you the real return on investment.
  • Keep our clients informed regarding industry policies and standards.
Last, we go beyond the basics – 
  • Coordinate any software conversion process; resolve your “old” balances.
  • Act as a liaison with insurances, representing you as needed.
  • On-site training with your staff to insure a smooth process from patient appointment to insurance payment.
  • With most billing services, you may meet the staff during a walk thru of their office, or when you sign the contract. At PBMI, you are never more than a phone call away from any member of the PBMI management team. Site visits and personalized attention are part of working with PBMI.

Let PBMI work for you. So you can get back to caring about your patients, while we care about your cash flow. 


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