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At PBMI, we measure our success by meeting or exceeding industry standards. Isn’t it time to measure your practice’s current revenue cycle against the medical industry’s “best practice” guidelines?  

Provide us with baseline reporting numbers (charges / payments / adjustments) and 24 hours. PBMI will provide you with a report of how well your practice is doing to meet industry standards. 

If your current in house staff or billing service is meeting national performance measures PBMI will show you.   If not, let PBMI help you achieve “best practice” performance.      


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Physicians are faced with the need to balance providing quality patient care while meeting the challenges of today’s changing healthcare industry.     At Physician Billing Management, we’ve been helping our clients meet those challenges for over 10 years.  Our collection methods assist your office in achieving industry “best practices” performance levels.

At PBMI, we have a simple goal – providing our physicians with a superior level of customer service. But, we believe meeting that goal requires more than just getting insurance claims paid and maintaining your cash flow. While most medical billing    companies only focus on processing claims, that’s where services at PBMI begin.

Of course, services start with helping our clients maximize reimbursements. To do that, we keep you and your staff informed of changes in industry requirements.  Insurance companies are placing increased financial responsibility on patients. Those changes mean increased responsibility on your front desk staff to identify and collect higher copayment and deductable amounts and gather necessary authorizations and referrals.    We help you and your staff sort through all the rules and insure you are reimbursed for the care and services you render. At PBMI, on-site staff training and providing educational resources to our physicians is an important part of our customer service.

As an industry, we are facing greater government and carrier requirements for compliance, automation and standardization. 


Practices must implement Electronic Health Record (EHR) programs or face lower reimbursements.  At PBMI, we can work with a number EHR and Practice Management (PM) solutions.  We help our clients find the “best fit” for their practice, and customize managing the revenue cycle to meet their needs not ours.

At PBMI, we will continue to assist our clients in meeting every challenge our industry presents.  Work with a company that starts by caring about your cash flow and then focuses on providing superior service.  Prepare your practice for the future by contacting PBMI today.

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