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To maintain a successful practice, Patient information gathered for use in the billing and clinical areas of the practice must be accurate. If there are errors, the practice runs the risk of incorrect claims, HIPAA or Insurance Plan violations and frustrated patients.

Streamline Your Flow

PBMI’s team of specialists understands the business of healthcare and uses their knowledge to improve the bottom-line revenues of your practice. We help your staff understand and implement pre-registration processes to insure that the necessary insurance verifications and authorizations are obtained. Preparation before the visit insures carrier payments after the services are rendered.

Thanks to an excess of disparate rules and regulations followed by different insurance companies, authorizing patient coverage and restrictions is as difficult as it is critical. PBMI helps you set policies and implement procedures within the office to track and meet the requirements of each individual insurance plan, assuring compliance at all times.

Smooth Transitions

From the encounter form design to the customization of internal controls and procedures, we smooth out the transitions between each stage of a patient's visit. Building efficiencies in the front-end processes of your office improves patient flow. This allows our physicians to provide quality care.


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The 3rd Annual PBMI "Best Practices" Symposium was held April 17th
  The Third Annual PBMI "Best Practices" Symposium was a great success thanks to all the exhibitors and attendees.
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