Medical Billing
Physicians invest years in medical school to become excellent doctors, not business managers. Practice Management is more than simply tracking the accounts receivable. Constantly changing government regulations, the increased cost of providing care, and cuts in insurance reimbursements mean that physicians have to work harder now in order to maintain revenue.

In addition, efforts to keep up on regulatory changes continue to drain resources from other needs of the practice and patient service.

Custom Solutions

PBMI’s philosophy is that physicians are entitled to equitable, fair, and timely payments for the care and services they provide. By submitting better-prepared claims and staying focused on the details, PBMI has maximized the revenues for hundreds of physicians. Our thorough follow-up on unpaid insurance claims and the personal attention provided to patients who have questions on their bill make us the “best of the best.”

In addition to getting you paid:

  • All calls are answered personally.
  • Claims are all entered within 24-48 hours.
  • Patients are treated as valued customers.

We do everything from streamlining your billing process to handling your entire Accounts Receivable portfolio, allowing you to concentrate on serving patients.

Whether we are a healthcare business “consultant-on-call” or a total outsource of the billing function, you make the decision. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions; the needs of each practice are separate and unique.

Insurance Expertise

PBMI utilizes current technologies and the most effective tools to correspond with insurers regarding your unpaid reimbursements. We motivate them to pay your claims when they are due and track the insurance carriers compliance against Department of Insurance and other regulatory agencies. We track reimbursements from all insurers in our physician’s payer mix, ensuring that clean claims are paid correctly and on time. We also track the laws and legislation that affect billing and delinquency issues; there is no billing company that stays better informed—and better educated—about what’s going on in the industry.


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Medical Billing
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The 3rd Annual PBMI "Best Practices" Symposium was held April 17th
  The Third Annual PBMI "Best Practices" Symposium was a great success thanks to all the exhibitors and attendees.
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