Credentialing/Insurance Enrollments are time consuming and arduous processes, with some applications 60 pages or more. An average practice can be enrolled in twenty or more insurance plans, each with its own Credentialing process. Keeping track of these enrollments and renewals is a important part of running your practice. Failing to enroll, or forgetting to renew a contract with an insurance plan can cause delays or denials in the payment process.

Research and Documentation

PBMI can perform all credentialing functions. Whether a practice is just starting out or in an expansion mode, our experts can assist you all with completing the necessary documentation.

New Tests and Procedures

In addition, we research and document issues surrounding any new tests or procedures your office may want to provide, including:

  • Where test/procedure can be performed
  • What criteria must be fulfilled
  • Diagnosis medically necessary
  • Reimbursement rates


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The 3rd Annual PBMI "Best Practices" Symposium was held April 17th
  The Third Annual PBMI "Best Practices" Symposium was a great success thanks to all the exhibitors and attendees.
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